Who we are

Bulckaert Machine Vision (BMV) is a machine vision integrator. This means we develop, build and integrate systems based on industrial cameras and software algorithms to automate highly complex tasks, which cannot be automated in a traditional way. BMV was founded back in 2006 by Thomas Bulckaert. Our team consists of 5 people of which 4 in R&D. We do not have a specialisation in a particular industry branch. We are specialized in easy, intuitive and self-learning systems. This makes our systems ideal for a successful integration. Our customers can be OEM companies and end-customers. We do NOT provide mechanisation. Our systems are developed based on your needs and wishes.

What we do

We are focussed on the Vision part: choosing the right components (optics, cameras, lights, etc...), developing state-of-the-art software and building the necessary fine mechanics to integrate the system into the larger project. That is what we are good at. Since many of our customers are machine builders, we can provide a complete solution by involving the machine builder of your choice. We have no bonds with any hardware supplier. This keeps us free to choose the perfect hardware for your application. Even though we are a small company, we have systems running across Europe, North America and Asia. We can support your system like no other with very short service times.

How we work

When a customer calls us for a project, we first do a free quick-scan of the application. In most cases we take some samples and do some first preliminary test to see what might be possible. With this information we make a budget quotation and an offer for a pre-investigation (also called proof-of-concept). This is a non-free in-depth study of the application to determine the weaknesses and expected problems. The customer receives a detailed report which describes the performed investigation and its results. This report also contains the proposed vision-setup and hardware. Together with these results, the customer also receives a detailed pricequote. In case the customer proceeds with the application (buys the project) the price of the proof-of-concept-study is refunded. This way, economical risks are avoided for both parties.

So if you have a vision project, let us convince you!

Bulckaert Machine Vision


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