Complete inspection of injection molded IML lids

Complete inspection of injection molded IML lids

These IML lids are checked for lid color, label presence and alignment, shape, label colour before they are stacked and boxed. This way our customer can be sure that only lids which comply with the quality requirements are shipped to their customers. This seems like a quite straightforward project. But we need to mention that the lids can have 8 shapevariations, endless colorvariations, and endless labelvariations. They are also producing transparant lids. A productionrun can be for days but can also be for a few hours. So the vision system must be very very easy to train. To cope with all these requirements, we developed a automatic teach routine. Once the operator is satisfied with the produceds lids, he just answers a few simple question on the touchscreen of the vision system. Once answered, the system takes 8 images of the verified lids and creates its own descriptor for this lid. 2 seconds later it starts inspecting.

The questions the operator needs to answer are very simple and can be seen in the gallery on the right side of this page.


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