Banana colour classification with tablet

This system was developed to determine the exact banana colour ripeness with only a tablet.

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High-speed random position barcode reader

This system reads small EAN13 barcodes that are present on random positioned products...

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3D retail basket inspection before palletizing

This 3D inspection system determines the correct stacking of baskets before the palletiz...

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10µm accuracy hairpin position measurement

This system finds the exact position of a hole for a copper tube to pass trough. When lookin...

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Measuring diameter of copper pipe in 3D

This 3D measuring system first finds a backplate in a 3D pointcloud before finding an...

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Exterior detail inspection of airconditioning units

Every detail is important. This system takes several pictures of the airconditioning unit and...

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position check of weld in clear plastic tube

This system finds the exact position of a thermic weld in a plastic tube. This way the customer...

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3D conveyor picking of black plastic parts

To pick up the black plastic parts from a moving conveyor belt, the robot needs to know exact...

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Glass and debris detection in CBL crates

Finding (transparent) glass is quite tricky. We used an optical technique that emphasizes...

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Complete inspection of injection molded IML lids

These IML lids are checked for lid color, label presence and alignment, shape, label colour...

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