3D retail basket inspection before palletizing

3D retail basket inspection before palletizing

This 3D inspection system determines the correct stacking of baskets before the palletizer puts the stacks of baskets on each other. This inspection is very important since otherwise the palletizer might crash, the products in the baskets might get squeezed or the pallet can be unstable.

Obviously this is a 3D vision system. The stacks of maximum 2 baskets pass through the vision system. This system makes a 3D scan image through laser triangulation. The reconstructed 3D image is then used to do some checks. First the system derives the stackheight and the baskettypes from the 3D-image.

Once the system knows what baskets the stack is made of, it can do some other checks. It can verify whether the topmost basket is empty or if the products inside are protroding. It can verify if the baskets are stacked correctly and precise. And very important: it can check if the handlebars are in the right (stackable) position. Any possible cause of a bad stacking in the palletizer will be send to the reject-conveyor where an operator corrects the detected problem.

This system was combined with a high speed barcode reader (see barcodereader project). All the processing is done by 1 computer.


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