Position check of weld in clear plastic tube

Position check of weld in clear plastic tube

This system finds the exact position of a thermic weld in a plastic tube. This way the customer can guarantee his customer that the bags for food-containing are closed at the bottom. The postion of the weld is crucial since a misaligned of only a few mm can cause the bag to burst when filling up.

The hard thing in this project is the imaging. The plastic foil is reflective, tranparant and can have several hues, ranging from almost transparant to fully opaque dark blue. The system needs to detect the weld in all these variations. The application is calibrated so the position variation is calculated in mm. With this data the customer can set thresholds and even correct the machinesettings on the fly to keep within tolerances.

The device was delivered as a set of hardware en software and the end-user integrated this set himself.


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